Marvel vs DC

Recent months have seen the two big comic book companies announce enough movies to keep even the most die-hard fan happy.  With Marvel scheduling movies up until 2019 and DC going a step further till 2020, cinema fans who are fed up of comic books movies will be spending their times cursing the death of good films.  Personally, I love it.  As a comic book fan the more movies the better, but there is no denying that there is plenty to discuss, when it comes to the future of the comic book movie.

I think the biggest issue with these announcements is that it still very much feels like DC are playing catch up.  The Marvel universe has been established and this summer, with the huge success of Guardians of the Galaxy, proved that people will now go see a movie purely on the basis of the Marvel name.  DC doesn’t quite have that pull yet.  Fans know and love Superman and Batman, but does your average person on the street care Wonder Women?  It is hard to say.  Maybe if Man of Steel had been a success it would be different, but instead we had a couple of hours of Zod and Superman throwing each other into buildings, thanks to Zack Snyder.

Which brings me on to my second point that is pro Marvel.  While Marvel have got directorial talent like Joss Whedon and previously the likes of Kenneth Brannagh, DC have Zack Snyder.  Now, this is obviously a personal opinion, but I think he is a bit shit.  I don’t trust him to deliver on Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice (which is a bloody awful title by the way) and that’s incredibly annoying.  Superman and Batman in the same movie should be huge, but instead I’m left waiting with nerves rather than excitement.

Of course, I don’t want to be too harsh on DC.  I actually think there is some exciting things to come out of them.  If David Ayer can channel End of Watch rather than The Last StandSuicide Squad could be very interesting.  The casting looks strong and as much as a I despise the man and his shitty band, Jared Leto could be a brilliant, Joker.  This introduction of a team of villains, rather than a team of good guys, is the most obvious move away from the formula (out of the announced movies) and if done well it could be the most interesting.

I think the next biggest difference between the two announcements, is that it seems like Marvel know where they are going, but we haven’t seen that from DC yet.  Marvel are heading towards Civil War and then into the final battle with Thanos, something they have been building towards since around day one.  On the other hand, DC have announced a bunch of franchises without yet hinting towards an overriding story.  The fact their two successful TV shows, Arrow and The Flash, don’t actually tie into their movies, seems to confirm that suspicion.  Whereas Agents of Shield and Marvel’s upcoming Netflix’s properties, do exactly that.  Marvel feel like the guys with a plan.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear I’m a bit of a Marvel guy.  However, I like to thing all my criticisms are valid.  I want the DC movies to be great, if for no other reason they can force Marvel to up their game, but mainly because Superman and Batman were the first comic books I really loved.  It’s only in recent years my allegiances have changed.  As things stand however, I have faith in Marvel to deliver the goods and it is now up to DC to establish that same connection.


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