Weekly Playlist 19/4/17

This week’s playlist takes a dive into one of my favourite labels as we focus on the work of Xtra Mile Recordings. Not only does this allow me to put a bit of Frank Turner and Against Me! on there but we also get to dive into both Jamie Lenman and Reuben as well as a bit of the gentler stuff with Beans On Toast. Frankly, I think everything on here is brilliant so sit back and enjoy.


Weekly Playlist 23/11/16

With a new Metallica album out it seems only fitting that this week’s playlist kicks off with ‘Moth Into Flame.’ However, they weren’t the only band to release an album last week, and we also have a track from Petrol Girls which you can listen to while reading our review of their debut album. We then mellow out with some Pink Floyd, hit up our weekly Ginger Wildheart pick and finish up with the two punch of Frank Turner and Creeper. Nae too shabby even if we do say so ourselves.

Weekly Playlist 19/10/16

Back in the mists of time, I vowed to do a weekly playlist on Ramblings About. However, as these plans tend to do, it fell by the wayside and quite frankly I forgot about it. Until today! Because starting now every Wednesday is going to see me post a Spotify playlist put together by yours truly. It will be a collection of songs old and new that for whatever reason are on my mind that week. For example, this week we have the new single from Creeper alongside the brilliant Kerbdog who couldn’t be left out after their cracking show last week.


Weekly Playlist 28/3/2014

This was the playlist from the second week of my show on Radio ENRG, which can be heard most Friday’s at 12.  I will be putting the third week up on Wednesday meaning I’ll be up to date and I can just put the rest up after the actual show I’m playing the playlist on.  I hope you all enjoy.

The songs not on Spotify can be found below.

Dead Harts – Leech

Hey! Hello! – Black Valentine

Palm Reader – Seeing and Believing Are Two Different Things