TJPW Princess Cup (25/7/21) Review

As is tradition. Credit: TJPW

Day four of four, as Tokyo Joshi finished up their run at Shinkiba with the rest of the Princess Cup Second Round. Everything they’ve done so far has been enjoyable, so let’s see if they can keep it up.

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TJPW Princess Cup (24/7/21) Review

One way to deal with her. Credit: TJPW

Day three and in the midst of a hot, humid Tokyo summer, some of the TJPW wrestlers’ legs must have been starting to feel heavy. Still, this was the penultimate show, and our Princess Cup match-ups are getting bigger and bigger, so they’ll have to dig deep and think of the prize.

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TJPW Princess Cup (23/7/21) Review

I’m not sure you’re supposed to bend that way. Credit: TJPW

It’s day two of the Princess Cup and day two of four for Tokyo Joshi in Shinkiba. This is a schedule that they don’t usually run, so I’m intrigued to see how the wrestlers cope with working this much. Day one definitely suggested they were taking it a little bit easy (for which I don’t blame them, and I still had a nice time), so will that extend into day two? Or will they start to ramp things up? Let’s find out!

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Lulu Pencil Is No Fairy Tale

My hero. Credit: ChocoPro

After everything Chris Brookes and Lulu Pencil had been through, from the hat to Chris Pencil, the message from Brookes coming into this Iron Person match was clear: fairy tales aren’t real. Lulu can dream every dream she wants, but none of it matters. When she faces Chris Brookes, there is only one result. It was a claim that felt an awful lot like reality when not long into their thirty minutes, Chris cut off Lulu’s attempt to slide down a table and brutally suplexed her onto it, her thin body bouncing off the wood with a sickening crash. The three-count that followed was inevitable, and any hope of the impossible faded away.

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Marvelous 5th Anniversary (20/7/21) Review

There she is. Credit: Marvelous

Well, this was a big old day for Marvelous, wasn’t it? Not only were they in Korakuen Hall, but it was their 5th Anniversary, and the Ace was back, Takumi Iroha making her return from injury to take on Hibiki. With that much going on, you’d think there wouldn’t be much room for anything else, but they also had some visitors from Stardom! Jesus, it’s all very thrilling.

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SEAdLINNNG Nanae Takahashi 25th Anniversary (11/7/21) Review

Credit: SEAd

Twenty-five years is a long time to do anything, never mind something as physically demanding as wrestling. That’s doubly true when you are Nanae Takahashi, who hasn’t exactly taken it easy. Thankfully, she’s made it this far in one piece and chose to celebrate her 25th Anniversary by putting together one hell of a card. Although, I would question the logic of booking herself against Arisa Nakajima, who, let’s face it, probably wants to hurt her. But hey, what do I know?

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TJPW Don’t Miss The Signs (10/7/21) Review

No match is too big for a Goodnight Express. Credit: TJPW

Out of nowhere, this show became a test for TJPW. We already knew that Yuka would be in the US, presumably being wasted on AEW’s YouTube channel, but then Pom tested positive for the virus. While she’s thankfully doing okay, Yuki Aino and Miyu Yamashita had to go into isolation because they were close contacts. So, Tokyo Joshi had to go into this without two of their biggest stars. Thank god they’d already booked Raku’s title shot, eh?

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Marvelous (4/7/21)

A well-earned hug. Credit: Marvelous

It’s not great for my bank balance, but Marvelous and Sendai are ramping up the shows, and I’m in deep enough that they all feel essential, no matter the size. We’re not quite onto the big stuff yet, Takumi’s return will kick that off on the Marvelous side, but this is still a fun-looking show that hopefully won’t create as much Twitter discourse as the last one.

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