Stardom World In Sapporo (Evening 9/6/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

Stardom went all out for the evening show in Sapporo, putting two titles matches at the top of the card. They apparently only make the trip once a year, so they wanted to make it a good one.

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The Listening Booth – Ramona, Fresh and Shonen Knife

Hello friends, welcome to The Listening Booth where I ramble about what I’ve been putting into my ears this week. Truthfully, this might be one of the more rambling examples of the form as I’m not sure I managed to get any of my points across. I tried, though, so give me some credit. Fingers crossed you get something out of it, and at the very least you can enjoy the music.

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Ramblings About’s Top Ten Matches of May 2019

Spoiler. Credit: NJPW

It’s becoming a recurring theme for this list to go up a bit late, but in my defence, there is a lot of wrestling that I want to review. I have a habit of giving that precedence and I’m not even sure why. Anyway, I need to apologise because this is a New Japan heavy list. I watched every single Super Juniors’ show and while I did catch some other bits and pieces, it was less than I would have liked. Still, it was one hell of a tournament, so I’m pretty sure that every match justified its spot on the list.

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