Jungle Kyona vs Mayu Iwatani

Credit: Stardom

There was a moment in this match where Jungle, having just hit her Hammer Throw Powerbomb, let out a yell of ‘come on’, desperation etched across her face as she gave everything to put Mayu away. It wasn’t enough, Iwatani kicked out, and at that moment, despite coming in unspoiled, I knew that we were heading down a familiar road.

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TJPW Brand New Wrestling 4 (23/7/20) Review

There was a lot of hugging on this show. Credit: TJPW

Watching everyone return to Korakuen, even if it is in front of small crowds, is a joy. There is just something right about wrestling airing live from that place, even if this did take place at 4 am on a Thursday for me. Still, it’s Tokyo Joshi! Who needs sleep?

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AJW Throwback: Classics Episode 5 Review

Still friends.

There is a theme to episode five of AJW Classics. All three of these matches took place in April of 1985 during the Fuji Cup and all three feature tag team partners facing off. We’ve got Dynamite Girls, Gokuaku Domei and Crush Gals imploding! Okay, maybe only one of these matches falls into the imploding category, but there is definitely some violence.

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Wrestling Mixtape: Kaori Yoneyama

All the belts.

I love mixtapes. Unfortunately, they’re not really a thing any more, making it a love I rarely get to explore. So, in an attempt to scratch that itch, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature to Ramblings About, Wrestling Mixtape. Now and then, I’m going to pick a random wrestler, grab three of their matches off YouTube and have a (spoiler free) ramble about them (I appreciate a mixtape with one band on it would be rather limited, but shush).

To kick it off, I’ve gone with one of my low-key favourites, Kaori Yoneyama. It’s a doubly good choice because there happens to be a wealth of material to choose from. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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