NJPW G1 Climax Night Nine (27/7/18) Review

Play nice with YOSHI, Kazu! Credit: NJPW

There is no getting past the fact that A Block is the ugly stepchild of the 28th G1. While B delivers high-quality matches, A appears to be focused on telling stories, and some people are very against that. However, with Jay White doing his thing and sad Okada providing some intrigue, I’m still enjoying it. It makes up for the lack of stars by having Rocky getting beat around the head with a balloon.

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Eight (26/7/18) Review

Poor beautiful elf man. Credit: NJPW

We’re back! You know what? I’ve genuinely missed the G1, and I’m bloody delighted to have it return. What’s life if one does not have the wrestling to watch and then write overly complicated reviews about which no-one reads? It’s not a life I want to lead I’ll tell you that. There’s also the small matter that it’s a B Block night which means we’re guaranteed at least one classic. All together now, WRESTLING!

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Seven (22/7/18) Review

He’s still my champion. Credit: NJPW

We’re at the end of the four day run of G1 shows and, to be honest, I’m having a lovely time! This tournament hasn’t come close to dragging yet with the only thing that’s beginning to wear me out being The Firing Squads’ antics. Even that’s pretty easy to dismiss as it hasn’t been clogging up the main event. Anyway, we’re about to hit another break so let’s get down to reviewing night seven!

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Six (21/7/18) Review

Headbutting each other can be a show of love, can’t it? Credit: NJPW

Night six might be the weakest card the B Block has to offer. Yet, we’re still getting Hirooki Goto vs Tomohiro Ishii, Juice Robinson vs Tetsuya Naito and Sanada vs Zack Sabre Jr. It is a mental state of affairs. Elsewhere, we’ve got a big storyline moment as Tama Tonga takes on Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi gets to have a bit of fun with Yano. It would be unfair to complain too much, wouldn’t it?

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Five (20/7/18) Review

Kazu has found the fire. Credit: NJPW

It’s possible that I exaggerate how tough the G1 is. It’s watching and writing about wrestling. That’s something I quite enjoy doing. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t spend as much time as I do doing it for free (if you’d like to give me some money, consider clicking the donation link at the bottom of the article). For all my moaning I love this shit. So, let’s go do it!

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Three (16/7/18)

Knife Pervert spots a particularly tasty blade. Credit: NJPW

In the early days of the G1, it’s hard not to get carried away. You want to absorb all the wrestling and revel in its beauty. However, that’s a rookie mistake. I made it last year when I tried to do the undercards as well as the tournament matches. There aren’t enough hours in the day. We’re on night three, so there is still a long way to go. Protect yourself against burnout, people! Instead, read my reviews and decide what you want to watch for yourself. I’m doing you a favour really.

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NJPW G1 Climax Night Two (15/7/18) Review

You probably don’t need me to tell you this was good. Credit: NJPW

The first night of the G1 was a great night of wrestling but not a great G1 night. One glance at night two’s card tells you that it has the potential to be a spectacular G1 night. Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr and Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito? That’s the kind of wrestling that it’s worth getting out of bed for. Unless, like me, you watch most of your wrestling in bed. In which case, get comfy.  Continue reading

NJPW G1 Climax Night One (14/7/18) Review

CHAOS is in, well, chaos. Credit: NJPW

It’s time for wrestling’s tastiest feast and for me to exhaust myself trying to review it all. I haven’t even started yet, and I’m already behind. If 2000 Trees could not organise their festival at the same time as the G1 in the future, it would be appreciated. Anyway, cards on the table, I’m not going to be doing the undercard. It’s too much. I will, however, be reviewing all of the tournament so bookmark the site and come back. You can generally tell how I’m getting on by how unhinged I come across in the intro. Now, let’s stop dilly-dallying! It’s time for the G1 baby.

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NJPW Strong Style Evolved UK Night Two (1/7/18) Review

It wasn’t a bad main event. Credit: RevPro

Night Two of Strong Style Evolved UK was when I rocked into town. So, expect this review to be a bit different. I’ll be talking more about the experience of being there rather than the intricacies of what was happening in the ring because quite frankly I wasn’t taking notes. It was one hell of a show, and I apologise in advance if I get over excited.

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