NJPW World Tag League Night Nine (28/11/18) Review

GOD vs KES… yay? Credit: NJPW

We’re somehow onto night nine of World Tag League which is even more mental when you consider the rest of the world is at fifteen or something daft like that. That’s a lot of shows full of wrestling that most people are never going to think about again. I guess it’s different if you see it live. Or if you decide to write reviews about it all… on with the show!

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NJPW World Tag League Night Eight (26/11/18) Review

Yano sells this picture. Credit: NJPW

Another seven-match show from New Japan. That’s a lot of wrestling to get through, or at least it feels like it. In reality, it’s quite a reasonable amount, and by New Japan standards these matches are kept quite short, so I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s unlikely anyone is about to wrestle a thirty-minute draw.

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NJPW World Tag League Night Two (18/11/18) Review

Bad Zack! Credit: NJPW

I went straight into the review on night one and didn’t mention that World Tag League has ditched the two group format in favour of every team being chucked into the one. It makes for a rather unwieldy block, and I’m a bit worried New Japan is going to produce another three-way dance in the final. Fingers crossed I’m wrong. Anyway, that’s a while off, so let’s focus on night two and all the fun that entails.

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