Ice Ribbon 1044 (31/5/20) Review

Mind games. Credit: Ice Ribbon

The IW19 tournament came to an end, em, almost a month ago actually, but shush, let’s ignore that. Yea, you probably all know what went down by now, but I’m ploughing ahead anyway, desperate to review all these shows. Why? Because it’s what I do, that’s why.

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Ice Ribbon #1039 (4/5/20) Review

Ice Ribbon #1039 took a break from the IW19 tournament, instead choosing to highlight the debut of Nao Ishikawa. We saw her in an exhibition match recently, but this has been a long time coming as it’s been cancelled or postponed a few times before. Sadly, she’ll have to do it in front of an empty dojo, but at least she gets the joy of being in the main event.

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