ROH Throwback: The Round Robin Challenge (30/3/02)

I can only apologise for the long gap between old-school Ring Of Honor reviews. Truthfully, that is going to be the norm. These articles are something I’ll drop back into whenever there isn’t anything else to talk about/when I’m in the mood. I never promised it was going to be a fast history lesson. Anyway, ROH’s second show was based around a pretty simple premise. Low Ki, American Dragon and Christopher Daniels are fucking great. Let’s have them wrestle lots. Sounds good to me.

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ROH Throwback: The Era Of Honor Begins (23/2/02)

Hello friends, I’ve decided I am going to go right back to the start of ROH and watch it from show one up until, well, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe until Gabe leaves? We’ll deal with that when we get to it seeing as it’s at least five years worth of wrestling, so it will probably be a while yet. Today we kick off with the very first show, The Era Of Honor Begins which has a card full of future stars, people you’ve forgotten and people you’d never heard of in the first place.

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