Ice Ribbon 1048 (27/6/20) Review

Credit: Ice Ribbon

You know, I’m not entirely sure why I’ve been trying to review every Ice Ribbon show. I don’t do that for any other company, so why did I set off on this pointless crusade? With that in mind, I’m going to start skipping around, picking up the big shows and hopefully catching up before a certain title shot. Wish me luck!

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Ice Ribbon P’s Party 47 (24/6/20) Review

Tsukushi didn’t get it all her own way. Credit: Ice Ribbon

While I am still lagging woefully behind on real-world Ice Ribbon, this review does catch me up to the shows they’ve put on their niconico channel. So, I think that counts as an achievement, no? Anyway, it’s another party with P, and we all know those are good for a laugh.

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Ice Ribbon 1046 (13/6/20) Review

Credit: Ice Ribbon

We’re finally there! The title match that Ice Ribbon has been building to for longer than they planned (thanks COVID) and which I’ve been dancing around for an extra month because I’m so far behind. Sadly, being far behind apparently makes it impossible for me to watch this via niconico’s PPV gimmick (feel free to point me in the right direction if I’m wrong), so I had to find the Samurai version. That means a couple of matches were clipped, but it’s nothing too egregious.

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