Evolve 95 Review


With Evolve 94 proving to be a decent showing from Gabe and his boys it was up to 95 to continue that momentum. They had an influx of fresh and relatively unknown talent, a new champion and an invasion angle set up. In theory, that’s an excellent place to start, and it now all leans on where they go next. Let’s dish out those stars.

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Evolve 94 Review


It’s been a tough month for Evolve. Between leaked emails and broken relationships, the focus has moved away from the ring and towards the shenanigans behind the scenes. A move that I can’t imagine they are that happy about. However, with a big main-event between Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, there was a chance that Evolve 94 could start to correct that slide. Let’s dish out those stars.

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10 Observations From The Best Of The Rest At WrestleMania Weekend

Our week of wrestling coverage is finally drawing to an end, and there’s only one more stop off until we stop talking about the graps until… well, next week probably. For our final list of observations, we delve away from the big companies and down into the indies. We’ve got everything from the serious wrestling of Evolve to the insanity of Kaiju Big Battel, and there was plenty for us to pick out.

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