TJPW The Bullet (19/6/21) Review

A rough relationship. Credit: TJPW

Only a few days removed from their latest trip to Korakuen, Tokyo Joshi were right back at it, heading to Narimasu Act Hall to deal with a bit of fallout and a touch of the future. Let’s have a ramble about what went down.

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TJPW Additional Attack (17/6/21) Review

Itoh looking very pleased with herself. Credit: TJPW

Tokyo Joshi and Korakuen have been a hell of a pairing recently, and yet, despite their recent fantastic form in this venue, it felt like this show lacked a bit of hype. Its proximity to CyberFest, and the huge Miyu vs Yuka match, had perhaps taken some shine away from this one, leaving it in a tough position. The card still looks good, but without a big title challenge, could we be about to see the first merely alright Tokyo Joshi Korakuen in a long time? Let’s find out.

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DDT King of DDT 1st Round (10/6/21) Review

Not the best spot to be in. Credit: DDT

With CyberFest behind them (which I didn’t review but is well worth the afternoon it will take to watch), it’s time for the King Of DDT. I love the simplicity of a knockout tournament, especially one with lots of good wrestlers in it (although the cowards didn’t put Saki in) and with a whopping eights singles matches on this show, there is plenty to get our teeth into.

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WAVE Saturday Night Fever (15/5/21) Review

A nice summing up of the main event. Credit: WAVE

WAVE isn’t a promotion I’ve ever gone in deep on before, as the somewhat erratic nature of how easy their shows are to watch has meant I’ve only dipped my toes into the water. However, it’s Catch The Wave season, kicking off with the ‘Young’ side of the tournament, and I figured why not? If I’m going to jump in, I might as well do it now.

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TJPW Yes! Wonderland (4/5/21) Review

Can the Diamond Ass prevail? Credit: TJPW

Korakuen may have been empty, but Tokyo Joshi were in town, and as I’ve been saying a lot recently, I can’t remember the last time they came to this building and put on anything less than an incredible show. Normally, the lack of a crowd would have me worried that their streak was about to come to an end, but look at this card! I think we’re in safe hands.

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