TJPW Still Incomplete (9/4/22) Review

Aino going for the big one. Credit: TJPW

TJPW’s first trip to Korakuen post-Sumo Hall gave us a fascinating card to play with. Yuki Aino and the pairing of Arisu Endo and Suzume are intriguing names to have at the top of the card, and it feels like we might be taking our first tentative steps into a new era. The question was whether they’d be able to carry their part of the load. Let’s find out.

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TJPW Spring Tour (2/4/22) Review

A slightly OP trio. Credit: TJPW

With Sumo Hall and Nodoka’s retirement behind us, it feels like TJPW is coming down the other side of a big old emotional mountain. Sadly, anyone looking for a break is about to be disappointed, as there is another one ahead. With Marika set to follow Nodoka into the sunset and the next Korakuen already right around the corner, we better get climbing.

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TJPW Winter (5/3/22) Review

Ready for Sumo Hall! Credit: TJPW

Grand Princess is getting awfully close, and this is TJPW’s final serious stop before they get there (they ran a Wrestle Universe Members show on Sunday, but those are inherently silly). We’ve got the full card, so all that’s left is to drum up that little bit of extra excitement. To be honest, I probably don’t need it, but I’m happy to get it anyway.

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TJPW Winter (19/2/22) Review

Who needs the big guns? Credit: TJPW

TJPW aren’t having much luck when it comes to the old COVID. Miyu Yamashita and Make Itoh have tested positive, with Yuka Sakazaki, Rika Tatsumi, Nodoka Tenma and Raku all being close contacts. That is a lot of talent to have on the bench (and fingers crossed they’re all okay), but they still scraped together a card, and I have faith that this roster can pull through. Let’s find out if I’m right.

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TJPW Winter (29/1/22) Review

Anything you can do, Nodoka can do better. Credit: TJPW

It’s time for the semi-finals of the Max Heart Tournament, as we learn who will keep their dreams of winning the tag titles at Sumo Hall alive. Will Venyu conquer all, or will Nodoka be burying those belts? Can the rookie team of Moka and Arai cause an upset, or is Miu going to defeat one of her idol heroes? Let’s stop talking about it and find out.

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