It has been confirmed. Axl Rose shall be the new lead singer of AC/DC. It may have appeared to be the kind of rumour that you would laugh about in the pub chuckling into your pint before bemoaning the stupidity of the internet, however, somehow it has come to be, and it makes no fucking sense.

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AC/DC are one of the best rock and roll bands ever to strap on a guitar. You just have to hear one of those booming riffs blare out and you are taken to a better place. It doesn’t matter if you are a drunk eighteen-year-old in a field or an aging rocker reliving your youth, AC/DC are universal. And yet all good things must die, and in the last few years it feels like time has finally caught up with this particular behemoth.

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Where Next?

There is an unsettling feeling in the air right now, rock and metal heroes seem to be dropping like flies and for the first time, we are about to see an enforced changing of the guards.  In the last few months, we have lost Lemmy, Scott Weiland, David Bowie and now today the sad news of Glenn Frey of Eagles fame.  We are reaching an age where the rock and roll bands of yesteryear are getting old and their members are passing away.  So the question is, what next?

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Malcolm Young

Few men will ever define rock and roll in the way that Malcolm Young has.  The engine behind AC/DC is responsible for some of the most iconic riffs ever written and the news that has come out in the last few weeks about his retirement from the band, through illness, is one of the most devastating things I have heard as a rock fan.  The further confirmation that that illness was dementia and his apparent lose of memory, makes the story all the sadder, as rock will lose one of it’s surest guardians.

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