Midnight Special (2016)


Only four films into his career Jeff Nichols has set himself up as a man to watch. The southern drawl of Mud played a big part in Matthew McConaughey’s renaissance and at the age of 37, he could lay claim to being one of the most intriguing directors to come out of America in a while. Midnight Special is his most ambitious film to date and sees him taking a step into science fiction.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


When Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars there was, well, a shitload of emotion.  From those loudly proclaiming Star Wars was crap anyway to fans who were terrified that the big mouse was going to ruin the films that they held so dear.  In among all that chaos, one thing became certain.  It was back and was in the process of setting up a film universe to rival Marvel’s current behemoth (another Disney franchise).

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