NJPW Young Lion Cup (6/9/19) Review

What a job. Credit: NJPW

As New Japan continues to trundle down the Road To Destruction, we shall keep our focus on the important stuff, the opening two matches. It’s been so far so good for the cubs in front of the Korakuen crowd, so let’s see if they could keep that up.

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NJPW Young Lion Cup (4/9/19) Review

Umino and Connors apparently don’t like each other. Credit: NJPW

You might have noticed this says Young Lion Cup at the top rather than Road to Destruction. I am not going to write about/watch the Road to Destruction shows because life is far too fucking short. However, I do want to catch the Young Lion Cup, so I will be doing a series of quick reviews covering their matches before doing full coverage of the actual Destruction shows. Sound good? It better.

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