The Listening Booth – The Wildhearts, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Amon Amarth

Hello friends, welcome to The Listening Booth where I ramble incoherently about what I’ve been putting into my ears. It has a been week of heavy hitters as we have the return of The Wildhearts, Frank Carter continuing his journey with The Rattlesnakes and some Vikings. You probably won’t discover something new, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun all the same.

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Why Heavy Metal is Awesome!

So yesterday the Daily Mail once again ran an idiotic article about the suicide of a young teenage boy, I’m not even going to bother linking to it, because they don’t deserve the one click that would get them.  That story is obviously tragic and I don’t want to belittle that.  However, the Daily Mail chose to focus on the fact the young man was listening to Slipknot and was a ‘hardcore rock’ fan.  Now quite frankly, I am fed up of this kind of shit.  I think we all are.  However, I have written about these problems before, more times than I count.  So, rather than focusing on calling the Daily Mail cunts, which they are, I have decided instead to write about 5 ways that heavy metal is awesome.  Because in shit times, we should focus on the positives.

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