TJPW Spring Tour (2/4/22) Review

A slightly OP trio. Credit: TJPW

With Sumo Hall and Nodoka’s retirement behind us, it feels like TJPW is coming down the other side of a big old emotional mountain. Sadly, anyone looking for a break is about to be disappointed, as there is another one ahead. With Marika set to follow Nodoka into the sunset and the next Korakuen already right around the corner, we better get climbing.

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TJPW Spring Tour (26/3/22) Review

The very best. Credit: TJPW

If I pretend this show never happened, then Nodoka won’t have retired, right? She could continue making me smile within the wonders of my imagination. Yea, okay, that’s not going to work. Sadly, all great things must end, and this was Nodoka Tenma’s last TJPW appearance. How many tears were shed? I can tell you right now that it was a lot.

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Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling ’22 (4/1/22) Review

Inevitable. Credit: TJPW

Ittenyon is a special time of the year. There is something about that date and a big wrestling show that just makes sense. Thankfully, while I’m no longer bothered about what’s going down in the Tokyo Dome, TJPW is here to make sure I still have a lovely day. This company plus Korakuen hasn’t let me down in a long old time, and I can’t imagine January 4th is going to be the moment that changes, but let’s find out.

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TJPW All Rise (25/11/21) Review

If all else fails, chuck a Mizuki at the problem. Credit: TJPW

There aren’t many things as consistently brilliant as a TJPW trip to Korakuen, and it feels like it’s been a while since we last had one. They were back with a packed card that didn’t have a Princess of Princess Title match on it but did give us an Up Up Girls’ collision and 121000000 going after MagiRabbit. That sounds like a good time, doesn’t it? Let’s find out if it was.

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