WrestleMania Weekend: WrestleCon SuperShow (4/4/19) Review

As it is WrestleMania Weekend and I’m drunk, I’m bashing these reviews out and not really editing them (yes, I usually edit). If an incoherent ramble doesn’t interest you, don’t bother reading them.

Image result for wrestlecon supershow 2019
Credit: WrestleCon

The WrestleCon Supershow is a WrestleMania tradition at this point and, despite having both PAC and a load of Dragon Gate talent pull out this year, you can almost guarantee it will deliver.

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NJPW Fantastica Mania 21/1/18 Review

Our favourite caveman. Credit: NJPW

Night two of the televised versions of Fantastica Mania and we have a tag tournament alongside another title match. At this point, as long as these shows deliver a dose of fun I will be happy. Give me flips and ridiculous characters all day,┬áplease. Let’s dish out some stars.

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