ROH Best In The World 2018 Review

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Our main event. Credit: ROH

Best In The World is an ambitious show name for Ring Of Honor. The days of ROH being a centre of wrestling excellence behind them and you’d struggle to bestow on this show with that title. However, even with their demise, it’s hard to think of a big ROH event that hasn’t delivered. Will this be that time? Let’s find out.

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9 Observations From Best In The World

And new…

For all of Ring of Honor’s problems, they are on a bit of a roll when it comes to big shows. Their PPVs very rarely fail to impress, and they will usually have at least one or two gems hidden away. Take Best In The World. While there was a lot of fluff on this card, it still had an exciting tag match between three of the best teams in the world and KUSHIDA vs. Scurll. So let’s get down to talking about it. Here are nine things we observed during Best In The World.

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