TJPW All Rise (27/11/22) Review

The rookie killer strikes again. Credit: TJPW

With Wrestle Princess III and big shows in Osaka, it feels like a long time since we’ve had a Tokyo Joshi Korakuen. With how consistently excellent these shows are, that’s never going to be a good thing, so it was lovely to be back in that familiar room. Throw in a packed card with a couple of big matches against foreign talent and a crowd that was allowed to be in full voice, and it was hard not to be excited for this one, so let’s see what went down.

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TJPW Autumn Tour (20/11/22) Review

Millie and Billie arrive. Credit: TJPW

With a Korakuen up next, TJPW were in Shinjuku for their last chance to wrap up any loose ends before the big one. This go-home show was more intriguing than usual, as we had a couple of new faces in the main event, with Millie McKenzie and Billie Starkz making their debuts. How would they go down? Well, let’s find out.

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