AFI – Burials

Most of my album reviews are quite long, often going over 500 words.  As I am very much a trainee journalist I’ve decided that while this is all very good, I should probably occasionally limit myself to a word count.  Therefore, from now on, every now and then I shall be doing shorter album reviews of only a couple of hundred words.  Apologies if that annoys anyone but… well I don’t really care. 

Those of us who grew up in a certain generation will be well aware of AFI.  These gothic misfits were a big part of the soundtrack to many people’s teenage years and, therefore, their return with Burials, four years since their last album, is likely to fill many with mixed feelings.  Does it still work now you’re in your 20s and over your teenage angst?  Were they ever actually any good?  Or can they be filed under other embarrassments like Panic! at the Disco?

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