Meltzer’s Classics: John Cena vs CM Punk (17/7/11)

John Cena vs. CM Punk - WWE Championship Match | WWE
Credit: WWE

Unlike most of the matches I’ve covered in Meltzer’s Classics, I watched this one live. Back in 2011, CM Punk sat down and cut the now-infamous pipe bomb promo, calling out WWE and Vince McMahon in a shocking and real way. It felt like a game-changing moment, and it set up a storyline where the whole world knew his contract was expiring after Money in the Bank 2011. On what could have been his final show, he was put up against the WWE champion and the man Vince crafted in a test tube, John Cena. Surely he couldn’t win… right?

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Samoa Joe

Last night, The Samoan Submission Machine pulled a fast one on pretty much every dirt sheet out there, when he appeared at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.  This was despite having only recently booked a whole bunch of indie dates for later in the year.  Samoa Joe has been linked with the move to WWE since he left TNA earlier in the year and considering the talent set Joe has, it would have been a huge mistake by WWE not to leap at the chance.  However, we have seen talented guys go in and out of WWE before and you have to ask whether Joe is one of the guy to make it to the top of the ladder?

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CM Punk and the State of WWE

Last week CM Punk finally opened up about his final months in the WWE and unsurprisingly he chose to do so on the podcast of his good friend, Colt Cabana.  In a near two hour long interview, he painted a kind of terrifying picture of a company that not only sounds like the creative equivalent of a dry well, but also sounds like a rather horrible place to work.  It all came together to suggest that WWE may have more problems than the average fan believed.

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