Swiss Army Man


Daniel Radcliffe’s post-Potter career has been a brilliant example of how to do it. While he obviously has a comfort blanket lined with money to take the pressure off his shoulders, you still have to step back and admire a man who is willing to take the risks he has, which leads us to Swiss Army Man in which he plays a farting corpse.

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Victor Frankenstein (2015)


The story of Frankenstein has been told many times before.  From Boris Karloff, whose work still stand up today, to last year’s I Frankenstein, which didn’t even stand up then.  To do something different with the story is hard, but that is what Paul McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein is attempting to do.

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What Harry did next.

Franchises aimed at the teen market are very much in vogue at the moment.  What started with Harry Potter has gone through Twilight, Hunger Games and all manner of poorer efforts.  It’s also led to a legion of young actors coming out of these franchises with the whole world having an opinion of them.  Some have failed spectacularly, Taylor Lautner comes to mind, as so far he seems to populate bad action movies and Grown Ups 2.  While the likes of Robert Pattinson have shown a new side to themselves, with interesting roles like Cosmopolis, the upcoming Map to the Stars and his most recent release The Rover.  Another teen idol who has broken out of the mold is Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

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Kill Your Darlings

Since the end of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe has shown himself to be a man who can pick a role.  Obviously desperate to avoid being typecast, his films since the teen wizard hung up his wand have included roles in the ongoing revival of Hammer Films, with The Woman in Black, and now the decision to portray the talented Alan Ginsberg.  Kill Your Darlings is the debut feature film from director John Krokidas and portrays the formation of the Beat movement and the murder of David Kammerer.  I should warn you  before I get into this review that I do have a personal attachment to many of the characters.  The Beats is a literature movement that I have a lot of love for and I actually wrote about On the Road and Naked Lunch for my dissertation.  With the former standing as my standard answer to the ‘what’s your favourite book?’ question.

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