Terry Pratchett and the Discworld

The day after Terry Pratchett death wrote about the effect a man I had never met had on my life.  I also made a decision, I decided to go back and read every single Discworld book.  It could be argued reading them in order of publication is not the best way to do it, but it is what I decided to do.  Nearly eight months later I, this morning, finished The Shepherd’s Crown, his final work and the one which will end the Discworld series.  41 books later and I’m honestly not sure what I will read next but before I make that decision I want to talk about these books.

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Terry Pratchett

My book shelf could be very easily split into two halves.  Terry Pratchett and related, then all the rest.  It also wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which half is more loved.  The rest is all pristine books, read once or twice and returned to their slot.  On the other hand, my Pratchett books are falling apart.  Some held together by pure force of will.  One is even splattered with Warhammer paint, from when I was young and thought those were two tasks I could do simultaneously.

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