Hitchcock/Truffaut (2016)


The idea of Alfred Hitchcock as anything but a master of cinema is foreign to film lovers in 2016. And yet once upon a time, the Master of Suspense was looked down upon as a mere ‘entertainer’. A big moment in changing that perception was the publishing of Hitchcock/Truffaut, a book that saw François Truffaut chart his conversations with Hitchcock as they explored his filmography and has since become a guide to filmmakers the world over.

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The Wolfpack

The Angulo families seven children have been raised without really seeing the real world.  An active year was leaving the house nine times, while there were years where they would never leave at all.  When Crystal Moselle met them walking down the street dressed like they had walked straight from the set of Reservoir Dogs, she found out about this story and determined to discover more.  Henceforth, The Wolfpack was born.

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