The Listening Booth – Full Of Hell, Rammstein and Dollar Signs

Hello friends, welcome to The Listening Booth. I have listened to a shitload of new music this week and, for reasons I’ll go into a bit more later, I don’t feel ready to talk about 80% of it. So, alongside new releases from Rammstein and Full of Hell, I am diving back into one of my favourite albums of last year. Sound like fun? I sure hope so.

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Ramblings About’s Top Twenty Albums Of 2018

Until I sat down to put this list together, I hadn’t realised how fantastic 2018 has been for music. It’s all the more evident for what’s not made my top twenty with bands like IDLES, Wild Cat Strike, Barely March, The Interrupters, Clutch, Pijn, Cancer Bats, Fucked Up and so many more missing out. If I’d wanted to be self-indulgent (okay, more self-indulgent), I could quite easily have come up with fifty albums that I loved and a hundred that were at least good. If you’re interested, buy me a pint sometime, and I’ll happily talk at you about them. In the here and now, here are the twenty that blew my mind.

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