The Danish Girl (2016)


The Danish Girl marks the second year in a row that Eddie Redmayne has been caught up in all that award’s business due to a transformative performance.  While last year’s Theory of Everything saw him playing Stephen Hawking, The Danish Girl has him step into the life of Einar Wegener, who went on to be known as Lili, after she became the first person to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is the story of Stephen Hawking, a figure that even the most scientifically block headed will be well aware of.  Directed by James Marsh and based off the memoir of Hawking’s first wife, Jane Wilde Hawking, it stars Eddie Redmayne as the scientist who goes from a young and hopeful Cambridge PHD student, to a disabled, but world-renowned, scientist.  Hawking’s story is fascinating and even if this film occasionally views like a hagiography, it still has a lot in it to recommend.

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