WrestleMania Weekend: Evolve 103 Review

Let’s get stiff. Credit: Evolve

Evolve’s second show of the weekend kicked off with some sad news. The match I was looking forward to most, Darby Allin vs WALTER, had to be changed as Darby was injured earlier in the day. It’s kind of a miracle that doesn’t happen more often over this weekend. You’d think these wrestlers would be dropping like flies. Anyway, it’s still a decent card with a few potential show-stealers and an eye-popping main event.

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WrestleMania Weekend: Evolve 102 Review

Image result for evolve sabre riddle
A big old main event. Credit: Evolve

After the joys of Bloodsport, it’s time for WrestleMania weekend to get a bit more serious with Evolve 102. I can happily confirm that I am now sober and ready for some lovely Gabe booked action. Let’s dish out some stars.

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10 Observations From The Best Of The Rest At WrestleMania Weekend

Our week of wrestling coverage is finally drawing to an end, and there’s only one more stop off until we stop talking about the graps until… well, next week probably. For our final list of observations, we delve away from the big companies and down into the indies. We’ve got everything from the serious wrestling of Evolve to the insanity of Kaiju Big Battel, and there was plenty for us to pick out.

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