The Listening Booth – Venom Prison, Waster and Anaal Nathrakh

Hello friends, how are you on this mediocre day? Is life going well? Or does it feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending hell unable to run forwards or backwards and terrified you are going to be trapped there forever? Well, at least we’ve got music! Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week.

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Behemoth w/ Decapitated, Grand Magus and Winterfylleth.

There aren’t going to be many bills that can compete with just how metal Behemoth’s current touring party is and therefore, it is nice to see them playing a venue the size of Glasgow’s O2 ABC.  The beer might be overpriced and it’s not actually sold out, but it show’s that extreme metal doesn’t have to exist solely in the underground.

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Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

It’s rare I’ll start a review by talking about the album artwork, but the latest Triptykon effort Melana Chasmata is the third time that Tom Warrior has collaborated with the now sadly departed H. R. Giger.  It’s as unsettling as you would imagine a piece of art that comes from the man who designed the Alien would be and (although I am still someone who buys CDs so it makes little difference to me) I would say should make this an album that is actually worth going out and getting a physical copy of.  Artwork aside Triptykon are of course the latest project of the aforementioned Tom Warrior, who is most famous for his time in Celtic Frost and because of that time is unlikely to have many detractors in the extreme metal community.

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