Creeper w/ Milk Teeth, Energy & Puppy

For all we bemoan a lack of album sales and extortionate ticket prices, there is a build it and they will come mentality in rock and roll. If you can put together a touring bill packed with greats, then the people will be there. Which is exactly what Creeper have done. Only two days after the release of their debut album they stalk in that goth way they do into Glasgow and bring with them one hell of a party.

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Live Review: Against Me! w/Milk Teeth & Mobina Galore

A Friday night in Glasgow seems like a good place for a party, and there aren’t many bands I want to party with more than Against Me. Even in a year where they released an album that I was rather non-plussed with, Against Me sit high on my list of most played. They are a special band who mean a hell of a lot to a wide range of people.

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Refused w/ Anna Von Hausswolff

There are still people who believe that by reforming, Refused have spat on their legacy. That no matter what they do now, it is not enough to make up for the fact they went back on their word. Personally, I think that’s bullshit, and as the final notes rang over the Glasgow Garage, you can’t help but feel sorry for the people that because of their own stubborn nature, will miss out on the band these punks have become.

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Baroness w/ No Spill Blood

Starting reviews with personal stories is always a danger, so if you aren’t interested in this one skip to the next paragraph. The last time I saw Baroness in Glasgow was in a tiny sweatbox, and I had to leave ten minutes into their set. I was ill, and the heat made me want to puke, which I did ten minutes later in a nearby alley. A few weeks later they were involved in a bus crash that would nearly destroy their career.  The chance to see them once again off arguably the best album of their career is one I wasn’t going to miss.

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