RevPro Global Wars Night Two Review

Our main event. Credit: RevPro

After the roaring success of night one (I’m still giddy about that Ishii vs Lee match) RevPro was charging into night two of Global Wars on a high. If anything, it was a better card with Matt Riddle vs Minoru Suzuki and Ospreay vs Sabre leaping off the page. Could they live up to the hoss fight? Let’s dish out some stars.

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ROH Global Wars Chicago Review

ROH doesn’t seem to do photos.

It feels mean to point it out, but Ring of Honor needs New Japan at the moment. Their roster is threadbare, and they are at their best when they are able to pull on NJPW’s talent pool. It’s a sad reality that has turned Global Wars from a cool gimmick into some of their best shows. Noone can pretend that this Chicago event would have been half as successful without the New Japan talent and, in particular, a certain Cleaner making an appearance. Let’s dish out some stars.

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ROH Global Wars


In recent months, I have been lax. Whereas in years gone by I have been a regular viewer of ROH, I have quite frankly just not had the time. It’s meant that I am woefully behind on the product and apart from occasionally reading show reports online, don’t quite know where they are at this point in 2016. However, this morning (because once again, UK time zones, etc. ) I caught up with ROH Global Wars, their latest partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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