Gojira w/Code Orange & Car Bomb

Something angry was stirring in Glasgow on Friday night, and for once it didn’t include Buckfast. Car Bomb are one pissed off proposition, and they’re not designed to make you feel at home. Their disjointed and angular metal is hard to listen to at times and yet as they roar through a half hour set you can’t help but love them. These guys have been around for a while and with three albums under their belt are a perfect proposition for anyone that likes their music to attempt grievous bodily harm.

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Top Twenty Albums Of 2016

If 2016 has been a great year for film, it has been a spectacular one for music. Every week seemed to bring another incredible album from musicians both old and new. It also made putting this list together even harder than it normally is but somehow I managed. As usual, it is purely opinion, and you are welcome to tell me I’m wrong but don’t expect me to care.

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Prophets of Rage

“We’re doing to demonstrate what it means to be anti-establishment. We’re going to demonstrate what it really means to rage against the machine. It’s a locomotive-like fury.”

The words of a certain Tom Morello, a man you may have heard of. He is, of course, talking about the newly formed Prophets of Rage. An amalgamation of Rage Against the Machine men Morello, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerfield, Chuck D of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill. But are Prophets of Rage the best the music industry can do?

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Sonisphere Review: Sunday

Image courtesy of Sonisphere
Image courtesy of Sonisphere

By the Sunday of a festival it becomes very easy to spot the day ticket holders.  They lack that feral look in their eye that people living in a field for several days have gained and aren’t that lovely British shade of red we all go when we get a bit too much sun.  They’re also the ones most likely to not be holding their head and groaning.

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Sonisphere Announcement 3

Image courtesy of Sonisphere
Image courtesy of Sonisphere

So Sonisphere have begun the process of fleshing out their undercard, which let’s face it, is really the best part of any festival.  As anyone who reads regularly (do those people exist?  I have no idea) will know, I have a ticket to this festival already so I have a slight (or possibly large) personal investment in it being good. So let’s see what they’ve given me.

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