Green Day – Revolution Radio

Oh, Green Day. Where did it all go so wrong? On American Idiot that snotty punk band that sang about wanking grew up into a political powerhouse. If we’d known then that it would start them on a path that ended at Revolution Radio, I could have done without it.

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Defining Punk in 2014.

This article is inspired by a whole series of events.  One of which is the newest Lower Than Atlantis album, which is self titled and another of which is Terry Bezer’s defence of pop punk, which you can find here.  It’s not a secret that the defintion of punk has changed.  The old punks have grown up and anyone who has been to see a punk band that broke in the heyday, will be used to the sight of people who look like they spend their day with office jobs, slipping into the old outfit for a night out.  My Dad tells a story of going for a fancy meal in America and afterwards going to see the New York Dolls, where he was surprised to find the exact same people that had been at the restaurant..  To say punk is dead is harsh, but to say punk has changed, seems to just be the truth.

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