Stardom Throwback: Sendai Girls’ Flash Tournament (27/10/11) Review

Unfazed. Credit: Sendai Girls

It’s time for a slight tangent in our run through Stardom’s history. Before the next show on Stardom World, they sent a team to Sendai Girl’s Flash Tournament. Featuring entrants from JWP, WAVE, Stardom, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, Reina, Diana and a freelance team, it was the Assemble of its day, making it a fitting show to cover at the moment. Plus it gives us a chance to have a wee peek at what was going on in different companies.

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Stardom Throwback: Grow up Stars (24/4/11) Review

Credit: Stardom

I don’t have much to say up here. It’s time for another dive back into Stardom’s past as we continue to wander through the early days of the company. Will it be good? I’ve enjoyed every show so far, so probably.

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