Eddie The Eagle (2016)


Eddie The Eagle is a classic British legend. A man who went to the Olympics and was a bit rubbish and off the back of that became a national hero. It taps into that British love of a trier, and you can bet that most people would think of him long before they got round to actually successful Olympians. It is strange then that it has taken this long for his story to reach the big screen.

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Hello friends, in an attempt to do something a bit different, this post is a video review of the Neil Blomkamp film Chappie.  It’s simply an attempt to mix things up a bit and hopefully future videos will be a little bit more ambitious, but I thought I should start small.  Let me know if you have any thoughts and enjoy.

X Men: Days Of Future Past

The X-Men franchise has had it’s ups and downs.  From Bryan Singer’s first two films, which started the franchise off with a bang, to the awful clusterfuck that was The Last Stand.  It seemed to be finally starting to find it’s way again by going into the past and providing origin stories in X-Men: First Class.  The follow up Days of Future Past now attempts to combine the two timelines, taking the classic cast of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and co and combining them with the new guns in James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

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