10 Observations From Dontaku

Okada tombstones the big man. Credit: NJPW

Following the disappointment of Payback – although some people liked that show more than me – it’s easy to drop into a wrestling related mood. Many a time a bad show can leave you feeling like you can’t be arsed anymore. Thankfully, that’s when New Japan tend to step up to the bat. While, as is the case with most New Japan shows, there were plenty of tag matches to get through before you hit the juicy stuff, Dontaku was a good to occasionally great few hours of pro wrestling and here’s what we thought while we enjoyed it.

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5 Observations From The New Japan Cup

It’s got to be one hell of a kick to take out that monster.

The New Japan Cup is over for another year and while there were some questionable booking decisions – the inclusion of Guerrillas of Destiny being one of them – it got past its shaky start and ended on a high. It’s set New Japan up nicely for Sakura Genesis and given us a title match that you won’t want to miss. With all that in mind, here are five things we picked up on during the tournament.

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