Ice Ribbon 1040 (9/5/20) Review

Two Ice Ribbon reviews in a row, don’t I spoil you all? We’re back in the dojo, and while the original IW19 match had to be cancelled due to Akane Fujita’s injury, it’s just possible there might be a replacement. More on that later.

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Ice Ribbon #1038 (2/5/20) Review

Ice Ribbon has stringent rules about the pronunciation of the IW19 title as it must be juukyuu rather than nineteen. I’d love to brag about knowing that meant nineteen, but I’m sure even the most monolingual of you could have figured that one out. It’s been theorised on Twitter that it’s because it sounds a bit like IWGP? Whatever the reason, make sure and not get it wrong or they’ll come after you.

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Ice Ribbon #1037 (25/4/20) Review

I’ve been neglecting Ice Ribbon since the world went to shit. It’s not been an intentional move. They’ve continued shows behind closed doors and are putting them on YouTube, but to say the frame rate was low would be an offence to low frame rates everywhere. So, I decided to wait for the start of the month and sign up to their NicoNico channel to get better quality versions. It also meant that I am in time (roughly, this show did happen over a week ago) to cover their IW19 title tournament, which seems the perfect place to leap back in, no?

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