Before I Wake (2016)

Creepy butterflies, not moths, butterflies…

Sleep is a frequent collaborator with horror. From the long nights of Paranormal Activity to the boogeyman under the bed. The dark of the night when you are curled up in bed is often the moment when the spooks decide to play. Should you try to stay awake? Or would you rather not see what is coming?

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Room (2016)

There are minor spoilers for Room in this review, although they are all revealed in the trailer.  If you want to know nothing, you should probably stop here.  It’s brilliant, go see it.



To call Room harrowing is the mother of all understatements.  At the start of the film, we find Brie Larson’s Ma living in a garden shed barely bigger than a closet, imprisoned by ‘Old Nick’ who kidnapped her seven years previously.  In that time, she has grown to be dependent on him and has also had his child, Jack, who is now five years old.  Despite the circumstances of his birth, she has grown fiercely protective of him, letting Nick nowhere near him and raising him best she can in their horrifying circumstances.

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