John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars (2001)

Look at this image and tell me this is a good film.

John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars should be glorious. The very fact that it’s a John Carpenter film that stars Jason Statham should have it placed on a pedestal above all else. It’s the kind of combo that makes you go all weak at the knees.

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Skyfall wasn’t just responsible for elevating James Bond back to the top of the Hollywood totem pole.  It can also take credit for doing the same for spy movies in general and this year there seems a bit of a resurgence in the genre.  We’ve already seen Kingsman and later in the year we will have The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  In the here and now we have Spy, from future Ghostbusters director Paul Feig.

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Fast and Furious 7

Roughly ten minutes into Fast and Furious 7 The Rock and Jason Statham are having a good old-fashioned rumble.  The Rock grabs the Stath and for all intents and purposes Rock Bottoms him through a glass table.  Following this, The Rock and one of friends are blown out of a window (which is several stories up) and land on top of a car, causing it to crumple in on itself.  No one dies in this exchange and it’s the moment I got on board with Fast and Furious 7.

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