Crimson Peak (2015)

Beauty and horror, in theory, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  And yet Guillermo Del Toro has made a career out of weaving these unlikely bedfellows together.  Crimson Peak is him indulging his own whims and if nothing else can be said of it, this is a stunning looking film.

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The Martian

Science is cool.  That is the idea that sits at the beating heart of The Martian.  Without it nothing in this film works and yet it could have so easily been its downfall.  Based on a book which tried it’s hardest to be scientifically accurate, The Martian may not have been the easiest conversion to the big screen.  Science may be cool, but on a cinema screen it is rarely sexy.  Yet somehow Drew Goddard’s script makes it not only work, but makes it sparkle.  Throw in Ridley Scott doing his best work in years and The Martian may well be unmissable.

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A Most Violent Year

1981 was one of the most violent years in New York’s history.  In a city with the history of New York, that is saying something.  A Most Violent Year brings you into that city.  It depicts a dark, dank place where violence and corruption are such a normal part of day-to-day life, that they are as common to the people involved as they would be shocking to you or me.

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