It Comes At Night (2017)

There’s a lot of tension built around this door.

If you were judging solely by the marketing, then you’d be forgiving for believing that It Comes At Night was a pretty straight forward horror film. The type with plenty of jump scares for groups of teenagers to scream at in delight. Sadly, for them, we can only imagine a few of those groups have gone home unhappy.

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Midnight Special (2016)


Only four films into his career Jeff Nichols has set himself up as a man to watch. The southern drawl of Mud played a big part in Matthew McConaughey’s renaissance and at the age of 37, he could lay claim to being one of the most intriguing directors to come out of America in a while. Midnight Special is his most ambitious film to date and sees him taking a step into science fiction.

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The Gift

The Gift is a film that would do better without a trailer.  A glance at said trailer would believe you to think you were about to witness a very simple home invasion horror.  A man and his wife return to his hometown and are haunted by an old school friend.  However, the film itself is much more intelligent than that.

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