AJW Throwback: AJW Classics Episode 11 Review

No disaffecting happening here.

With the success of Assemble, I’m feeling particularly warm and fuzzy towards the old-guard of joshi. The sight of Chigusa and Akira Hokuto hanging out and having a lovely old time has kept me happy during a period where everything else has been a bit shit. So, a chance to go back and spend time with their younger versions is not to be sniffed at. All the matches on episode 11 of AJW Classics came from the same show as we were in Osaka on the 20th of March 1986.

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AJW Throwback: Classics Episode 8 Review

Has anyone ever mentioned that Bull is really cool?

We’re onto Episode Eight of AJW Classics, so we’ll definitely get to the end at some point in 2050. It’s another Crush Gals vs Gokuaku Domei heavy show, but we’re not about to complain about that, are we?

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