wXw Femmes Fatales 2018 Review

For the third year running, wXw used day two of World Tag Team League to host their Femmes Fatales tournament. Much like Ambition’s role during 16 Carat, this is a chance for them to do something a little bit different and use the fact they have a load of talent in town to put together something cool. Fingers crossed it lives up to the billing.

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wXw The Inner Circle 6 Review

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I can’t find any suitable pictures/videos for this one. Credit: wXw

In what has become a wXw tradition, World Tag League began with Inner Circle 6. These shows take place at wXw’s Wrestling Academy and always have a hot crowd. It’s the perfect way to start a weekend of wrestling, even if it is no longer said weekend.

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wXw Fans Appreciation Night 2018: Oberhausen Review

Night two of wXw appreciating their fans once again sees Your Da defending his belt in the main event. This time, he’s up against the man he took it from, Ilja Dragunov. Will he hold on to it? Or is Ma going to have to start shopping around again because the bonuses have dried up? I guess we should go find out. (Apologies for how late this review is, I wrote half and then got distracted…)

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