Fear and Loathing VIII

The build to ICW’s show at the SECC has been a long one.  The biggest British wrestling event since the 80’s, it all seemed a bit improbable and fans and performers alike seemed to share the feeling that it was a bit of a dream.  This couldn’t actually be happening, could it?  Well, it did and on Sunday the 15th of November ICW took the SECC by storm and showed the world that this is where they deserve to be.

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ICW Flying Circus

In the build up to the biggest show in their history, Fear and Loathing VIII at the SECC on the 15th of November, ICW made their way to Edinburgh for a run of shows at City Nightclub.  I was lucky enough to have a season ticket for the event.  Having previously been a bit of a part-time ICW fan, it’s fair to say that this particular run has seen me fall in love with this Scottish wrestling company.

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