Top Ten Films of the Year


2015 has been an interesting year for film.  It feels like every second week we have been handed another huge blockbuster, set to make more money than God.  While some have been great just as many have failed.  Even more importantly, independent cinema continues to show it is just as good as the big budget stuff, with great films coming from all manner of sources.  With that in mind, here are my top ten films of the year.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller’s Mad Max series was always the odd one out in terms of this years summer blockbusters.  Going up against Marvel, The Terminator and Jurassic Park, it had almost been shoved to the side, forgotten for its more illustrious peers.  Therefore, it may come as a bit of a shock that Mad Max: Fury Road stands a very good chance of being the best of them.

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