TJPW Desert Moon (16/9/19) Review

Our main event. Credit: TJPW

For Tokyo Joshi’s second day at the brilliantly named KFC Hall they had an International Princess Title defence on top. The first show provided a lot of entertainment without anything incredible happening in the ring, can this one go one better and deliver a great match?

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TJPW Temple of the Sun (15/9/19) Review

After show fun. Credit: TJPW

I don’t think my first Tokyo Joshi review was a disaster, so we’re back with number two! Some people were kind and pointed me in the direction of a beginner’s guide/passed on some information, so I want to say thanks to them. That’s much better than being shouted at for being an idiot. By the way, I enjoyed that first show so much that I’m now going to the January 4th Korakuen now, so that’s something.

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