[REC] (2007)

This review is the start of a change for Ramblings About… It will see us moving away from keeping up with the newest releases and instead focusing on writing about cool things. While we are not completely ditching the new (I’ll probably still get excited about Star Wars’ films and try and write about the things that don’t get as much attention) it will serve as a template for what I look at going forward. Enjoy!

Happy Angela.

‘You know how people like zombies?’


‘And that whole found footage thing is big too?’

‘Damn right it is.’

‘Well – and this will blow your mind – why don’t we meld the two together?’

‘Give this man some money.’

It would be so easy to believe that was the conversation that led to [REC] and its subsequent sequels. Taking two popular things and melding them together is money making 101. Which is why [REC] is so refreshing, because it’s not that. In fact, it could hardly be further from that.

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