Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

He really is a good looking lad.

Thor: Ragnarok solves a problem that has been plaguing Marvel’s cinematic version of the Thunder God from the start. Even when the Avengers worked it out, the standalone Thor films lagged behind, and we were beginning to worry that it would never happen. Thankfully, Ragnarok is here, and with it, they finally realised that everything about Thor – from the concept to the world he inhabits – is slightly ridiculous.

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Spotlight (2016)


Depicting journalism on screen is a tricky task.  The truth is that it is rarely clandestine meetings with mysterious sources but is more often simple, long and boring fact-checking followed by bursts of excitement when a big story comes along.  It’s this that Spotlight aims to capture.  The tale of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team’s investigation into the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal is lacking huge set pieces and dramatic gestures and instead features plain old journalism, but still manages to be gripping from start to finish.

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Foxcatcher is a film that gives a lot of people a chance to shine.  A look at the lives of David and Mark Schultz, both of whom were Olympic amateur wrestlers and John E. Du Pont, an American millionaire and wrestling fan who runs Foxcatcher Farms on his mansion estate and wishes for it to be the headquarters of the USA’s wrestling program.  It’s a true life story and one that I shall not spoil for those of you that are unaware of its outcome, needless to say, there is a reason it has made its way onto film.

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Music and Films

Music is integral to films.  It is one of these facts that you do not always realise until you think about it.  Take your favourite film and remove the music and it will be a completely different experience.  It’s also true that movies have always depicted music in a variety of ways.  Whether that be the ridiculousness of Spinal Tap or the freedom and enjoyment of Good Vibrations, music is a ripe subject area to be plucked and enjoyed.

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