DDT D-王 Grand Prix (22/11/20) Review

Getting a bit of bragging in. Credit: DDT

It’s D-王 time! DDT’s annual tournament may not have blown me away with the line-up (where’s Saki?), but I guess I’m willing to forgive that slight and enjoy it. They certainly packed the opening night, treating Korakuen to a load of big matches.

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DDT TV Show Episode 11 (8/11/20) Review

Time for hugs. Credit: DDT

The big show is behind them, but there is no rest for DDT. Instead, they’re gearing up for the D-Oh and all the slightly deflating wonders that contains. I kid, the line-up might not have lit my fire, but it’s sure to be good. Before we get there, though, it’s back to TV land for episode 11 of the DDT TV Show.

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