A Defence of Nu-Metal

Over the last few years, nu-metal has become the music industries whipping boy.  Articles like this one, are a common sight on my Twitter feed, while even I have been knowing to throw the occasional barb in its direction.  Yet, is that really fair?  Is nu-metal the giant pile of shit we all like to make it out to be?  No.  No it really bloody isn’t.

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Of Mice and Men – Restoring Force

It’s easy to forget that Of Mice and Men are still relatively young in their career. It feels like you have been hearing about them for years, yet in reality they are barely five years old and Restoring Force is only their third album.  It’s the album they will be hoping pushes them away from their peers, with a bit of change in sound away from their metalcore roots and an embracing of the chunky bouncy riffs that we all associate with that brand of metal we describe as nu.

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