Wrestling Match of the Year

No way that doesn’t hurt

Having finally clambered over the tedium that was Roadblock, wrestling is all but over for the year, and it is time to reflect. Therefore, over the next few days, I am going to put up my Match of the Year, Moment of the Year and Wrestler of the Year for your pleasure. Let’s get going.

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NXT TakeOver: Toronto

There is no world in which that doesn’t hurt.

For the first time in its history NXT is going through a bit of a slump. The weekly interest in their television product seems to have waned, and it has been hurt by its top talent making the step up to the main roster. However, when it comes to TakeOvers Triple H’s lads and lasses have a near perfect record, and you would have been mental to bet against them going into TakeOver: Toronto.

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